Crafting Digital Masterpieces

Our journey in De Marke Labs is a blend of passion, dedication, and innovation. We're more than a software development company - we are a collective of problem solvers and creative thinkers, committed to turning complex challenges into simple, elegant solutions. We don't just craft digital masterpieces, we build long-lasting relationships with our partners.

Our Expertise

Comprehensive Services for Your Digital Needs

Our wide range of services are meticulously designed to transform your ideas into digital reality.

Mobile Development
  • Our mobile development service is centered around the end-user.
Backend Development
  • The foundation of any successful digital solution is robust backend architecture.
Web Development
  • In the era of digitalization, having a compelling web presence is a necessity.
Project Consultation
  • Every successful project begins with a comprehensive analysis and strategic planning.
Maintenance & Support
  • We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients.

Langugo - Practice Any Language on Mobile

Langugo is a shining example of our commitment to creating immersive digital experiences. This mobile application offers users an opportunity to learn and practice various languages by connecting with native speakers for live chat. We developed a simultaneous translation system that converts speech into text and displays it to the recipient user in their language. An integrated payment system with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Stripe ensures a seamless user experience.

Live Chat:
We use live chat technologies in Langugo.
An integrated system with Apple Pay, Google Pay in mobile environments and Stripe for web environment.
Simultaneous translation:
The system we developed converts the speech of the users into text and displays this text in the language of the recipient user.

Sluice - Groundbreaking tool for designers

Sluice, a groundbreaking tool for designers, reflects our ability to innovate and deliver tailored solutions. As a mobile application prototype and documentation project, Sluice enables project managers to design pre-development mobile applications and monitor their progress. It provides features like design component libraries and conversion to software code, all with a single click.

You can design yourself great web and mobile pages
You can build component libraries that you will use in your projects.
You can convert all of this to software code with one click and present a working demo to your customers.

Our Valued Partners

Our journey has allowed us to form partnerships with a diverse range of organizations. Each partnership has been an opportunity to learn, innovate, and grow, which has significantly contributed to our development as a company. Our esteemed partners include Kale, Bein, Salesforce, THY and Nike. We value each of these relationships and look forward to creating many more.